Summertime officially begins

As of last week, I’m a free man from classes, tests and responsibilities… so I thought. I tried to take this week off but ended up working six of the seven days, and studying on the seventh. I did however manage to book my first multi-engine flight with my new instructor Andrew. It’s going to be in the simulator since all the new AVN 305 students were recently moved over to the Piper Seminole instead of the Piper Seneca. I had done all of my simulators in the Seneca, so he just wants me to get accustomed to it first. I’ve been studying the new procedures and speeds and think I’ll do fine with the new plane. The hardest adjustment will be learning to scan with a glass cockpit, however this won’t take too long. I will also plan out a schedule with Andrew and officially get my summer schedule ironed out. This would be great to know for any jobs I can pick up and to make sure I don’t overbook my schedule and miss a flight. That’s about all that’s going on this week, have a great beginning to summer.



About mcjonesqwe

I'm an aviation student at Eastern Kentucky University. I love flying and learning about aviation. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and I'm staying on campus in Richmond for school. I'm on the scholarship blog team and logging my flight training on Chasing FL180.
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