I passed my multi-engine check ride!

After a stressful summer of putting up with constant thunderstorms and low ceilings, I was able to squeeze in a check ride. I took it with Steve Dryman at i39 in Richmond on a beautiful Monday morning. When I first arrived though, the ceiling looked like a scene out of Hercules. Low black clouds and swirly winds encompassed the airspace above the runway. Luckily while I aced the oral the heavens opened up, and it was clear blue and a million. Steve was a nice man, and I only messed up on forgetting to retract my landing gear after an emergency descent. However, he said 80% of people forget to-it’s his trick segment. So overall I’m very pleased at getting this over with. School will start soon at EKU and I can’t wait to move back in to the flight deck and be a student again. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great last few weeks of summer.



About mcjonesqwe

I'm an aviation student at Eastern Kentucky University. I love flying and learning about aviation. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and I'm staying on campus in Richmond for school. I'm on the GlobalAir.com scholarship blog team and logging my flight training on Chasing FL180.
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