First Alpha Eta Rho Meeting

First meeting of Alpha Eta Rho at Eastern Kentucky University for the year

First meeting of Alpha Eta Rho at Eastern Kentucky University for the year

Last night was a great night for me. Alpha Eta Rho, a professional fraternity for pilots, met for the first time this year to discuss major items and to recruit new members. I decided not to join last year because I was strapped for money and free time, but I am going to this year. While it isn’t the largest organization on campus, it’s a fantastic way to meet older aviation students that may have moved off campus, and to further explore the field of aviation in the area. I met three great guys there already, and I’m looking forward to the future when I can meet other members when flying for a company. The major item for the year was to raise money for Wings of Hope-a charity that among other things uses aircraft to help ferry those in need. They are trying to raise money to buy a Piper Seneca to further help with this, and the current members thought it would be a nice idea to help out. Ideas were thrown around such as a 5K at the airport and dinners. I think it’ll be great, and can’t wait to see what else I’ll do in this organization once I’m added officially.


About mcjonesqwe

I'm an aviation student at Eastern Kentucky University. I love flying and learning about aviation. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky and I'm staying on campus in Richmond for school. I'm on the scholarship blog team and logging my flight training on Chasing FL180.
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